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How to use Github source code in html website?

To use source code from a GitHub repository in an HTML website, you typically have a few options, depending on what exactly you want to achieve. Here are two common approaches:

  1. Embedding Code using GitHub Gists:

GitHub provides a feature called Gists that allows you to share and embed individual files or code snippets. If you want to include a specific code snippet or file in your HTML website, you can create a Gist and then embed it using an <iframe> tag.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to
  • Create a new Gist by pasting your code into the Gist editor.
  • Save the Gist with a meaningful description.
  • Click the “Embed” button on the Gist page.
  • Copy the <script> tag provided by GitHub.
  • Paste the <script> tag into your HTML website where you want the code to appear.



    My Website




Replace your-username with your GitHub username and your-gist-id with the ID of your Gist.

  1. Using GitHub Repositories:

If you want to include an entire repository or specific files from a repository in your HTML website, you have a few options:

  • Download and Host: Clone or download the repository to your local machine, then upload the necessary files to your web server or hosting service. Link to the files in your HTML code using the appropriate paths.

  • GitHub Pages: GitHub provides a feature called GitHub Pages that allows you to host your HTML website directly from a GitHub repository. You can create a gh-pages branch in your repository and place your HTML files there. Your website will be accessible at

  • Raw Content URLs: You can link to raw content in your GitHub repository using URLs like this:

  • Replace your-username, your-repo, and the file path accordingly.

Keep in mind that if you’re using code from a public repository, anyone can access and use that code. If it’s private code, you’ll need to authenticate with GitHub to access it.

Always make sure to comply with any licenses and terms of use associated with the code you’re using.

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