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Online English Typing Tutor gives you opportunity to learn typing, Typing test lessons for beginners, Typing practice and online speed test in English US keyboard.
Stenoguru English typing tutor gives you a complete course of typing learning. The course is developed by our expert that you can learn typing easily and in a short period. Find the course lessons from the above links and start learning. It is completely free for users.

Typing is the process of entering text into a device such as a typewriter, computer, or calculator by pressing keys on a keyboard. The finger placement is the main touch typing position from which all other keys can be pressed. Remember that typing accuracy is just as important as typing speed, so don't rush typing.

Typing tests measure two things, speed and errors, so when you take a typing speed test, don't just look at your speed, also look at the number of your mistakes and focus on reducing your errors in future tests, rather than increasing your typing speed. . You can also try free online typing speed tests to see what your speed is and where your wpm target might be.

For new people just entering the computer, internet world, you will most likely type with one finger and email will take forever. User interface features such as spell check, auto-completion, and auto-replace are designed to make typing easier and faster, and to prevent or correct mistakes you might make. Good typing speed is a huge asset to job seekers and can tip the balance in your favor when it comes to being selected for the right job.

Don't let slow typing hold you back. Standardized writing methods such as keyboard, hand and finger based lessons have their place. Touch typing is a must-have skill in the internet age, but learning to type online can be fun with fun and interesting exercises along with typing games. Learning the basics of touch typing takes very little time, allowing you to develop a skill that will serve you for a lifetime.

In order to compensate for the fast growing modern world and stay connected with the evolving technologies, computer knowledge is a must. Nowadays, we spend more time on the computer than on any other device. We use computers to study, learn, communicate, have fun, play games, create documents and search for information. We spend a large part of our time with computers, and the main way we interact with computers is still typing, so a good way to be more productive and increase our efficiency is to learn how to quickly type by touch.

Have you ever wanted to learn to type fast, touch typing is the best option? By definition, touch typing is typing without having to look at the keyboard. Touch typists are in many cases the most accurate typists. Even a typical typist can reach 60 words per minute using the touch typing approach.

A few tips to help you learn touch typing quickly -

Use all fingers: Most people only use two index fingers to tap the keys. However, if we use all ten fingers to type, it will significantly increase our typing speed. The basis of touch typing is to place the left fingers on A, S, D, F and the right fingers on L, K, J, H with the thumbs on the spacebar.

Remember the location of the keys on the keyboard: To ensure that you type quickly and reliably, it is advisable to train your brain to remember the location of each key on the keyboard so that you can type quickly without having to look. at your keyboard.

Don't pay attention to the keyboard: The most effective way to memorize the keys on the keyboard is to not see the keyboard while typing, at first it may seem extremely difficult, but with practice you will be able to memorize all the key positions. The less you look, the faster you type.

Take a Touch Typing Course: There are many free online courses to learn touch typing skills. You can choose lessons and tests based on your skills and abilities.

Typing Tests: Commit to doing a few typing tests once a week to check your grasping process and skills. You can check your typing speed and level of accuracy with an online keyboard typing test.

Typing Games: There are online games to help you with your typing skills. These games are designed to be fun rather than boring, so they can be easily used to learn touch typing faster and with great interest.

Spell check: After you finish writing, use the spell checker to check your work. By processing all typos and spelling errors at once, you will increase your speed.

Touch typing works through muscle memory, the exact same intelligent reaction process used by athletes and musicians. Whenever you practice a skill over and over again, your muscles begin to "remember" how to proceed with virtually no conscious thought on your part. If you want to learn how to quickly touch type without having to search for a keyboard, you can achieve your goal - with a little practice and time.