10 Fast Fingers Typing Game in Hindi Krutidev

Fast typing is an art. Typing without looking at the keyboard only increases the typing speed. In 10 Fast Finger Typing Game, you can practice memorizing the Hindi Krutidev keyboard. This game is very interesting and lets you practice typing while playing. Start it by clicking on the start button. You can also set the speed of the game as you wish. You have to type the letters flying from top to bottom. This game also shows your score and also gives the detail of a number of mistakes.
Stenoguru has created many interesting games like this. This game will definitely make you fluent in typing speed and online typing test in Hindi. This game is available in both Hindi and English language. In the future, it will be presented in other languages ​​also.
You can also join the easiest and best course from the Stenoguru website for free to learn Hindi typing. Hindi keyboard is very easy to remember with 10 Fast Finger Typing Game and you can type without looking at the keyboard. It also has a digital keyboard for your convenience. Try it once to memorize the keyboard for Hindi typing.

10 Fast Finger Hindi Demo

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